Welcome to Plastic Head Distribution

The Plastic Head sales team includes members responsible for national accounts, to deal exclusively with the multiple UK high street retailers as well as online retailers. The team covers over 300 UK independent retailers ranging from on street shops to specialist mail order and online retailers.

Exports staff work closely with sub-distributors from all over the world to ensure that the same level of service is available around the globe.

We also have our own highly successful online store (www.plastichead.com) for direct to public sales. Our site is used by many labels as their own mail order service through a simple referral system.

Label Management

Each label is assigned a Plastic Head label manager whose responsibility is to maintain day to day contact with the label and to provide any guidance and advice that may be required. The label management team build close relationships with the labels they work with, providing marketing information and advice, and guiding labels' decisions in order to help them achieve their aims.

Knowledgeable label managers oversee the scheduling and release of records as well as the performance of the label in general. They work closely with the sales team to achieve realistic targets and with the warehouse to maintain necessary levels of stock.

Plastic Headís marketing structure is part of our ever improving service to our labels and customers. PHD run regular co-op campaigns with all UK multiple and independent retailers and can offer economic and high-profile marketing options.


Plastic Head has been providing merchandise and servicing tours, retail, wholesale and export for over 15 years. Our merchandise department has the ability to produce innovative garments and accessories that meet our clients' needs and that reflect the personality of the artist or company.

We have an in-house design team who can present ideas and work with our customers to ensure creative satisfaction and top quality products at all times. They can also work and utilise customers' own designs and ideas to extremely high standards.



Plastic Head has a well established Production Department, including in-house graphic designers, who design and manufacture high quality CD and vinyl releases, as well as t-shirts and other merchandise. Whether your release is a standard jewel-cased CD or gatefold LP, or more unusual such as a special edition digipak or picture disc - our busy Production Department has the experience and the skilled creative staff to make it happen.


About PHD

Directors Steve Beatty and Elaine Sutcliffe founded Plastic Head Music Distribution over two decades ago, and the company has grown steadily in the years since to become an established and highly regarded name, proving itself many times over to be a reliable and innovative market player. Based at the UK headquarters, over fifty dedicated staff work closely both within their departments and across the company to ensure that clients receive excellent service and support – regularly charting new releases, as well as sustaining back catalogue sales.

Although originally known as a specialist in Rock genres, PHD has developed and expanded to cover all areas of music. More than just a ‘carrier of product,’ Plastic Head is a music distributor that prides itself on the quality of its roster, and its understanding of the markets it caters to.

An energetic and forward looking company, PHD has built its reputation firmly on the results it has achieved through excellent market placement and understanding, dedication, and sheer hard work! Fiercely independent, Plastic Head is also unusual in owning its own business premises. Frequently ranked in the top ten largest UK music distributors, PHD exclusively handles sales and distribution in the UK for over 200 record and DVD labels (well in excess of 40,000 titles), over 5,000 specialist vinyl titles, and over 6,000 clothing and other merchandise items.

Specialist departments within the company handle areas such as label management, sales & exports, merchandising (including both retail and tour supply), graphic design, and manufacturing.

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