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Operating from our distribution centre in Wallingford since 1990, with two warehouses and office buildings, Plastic Head is one of only a few UK independent distributors to own its own premises. In fact, we seem to be one of the few remaining real distributors that actually ships and controls its own stock. This means we can offer label clients a cost effective and efficient service, able to meet their specific requirements. With our enthusiastic, hard-working and hands-on approach we are able to ensure we have the means to get your goods to market.

Our Label Management Department has years of experience working closely with our distributed labels and is committed to a friendly, professional service Ė achieving the best from every release they represent. Our senior label managers have been with the company over ten years and oversee a young, enthusiastic team.

Having been one of the UKís leading distributors for a quarter of a century we have assisted in worldwide chart success with major artists throughout our history. These include, amongst many others, albums and singles from Emperor, The Offspring, Less Than Jake, Green Day, Nightwish, Anthrax, Kano, Blak Twang, Ashley Walters, Bring Me The Horizon, Electric Wizard, Orange Goblin, Testament, Meshuggah, Cannibal Corpse and, more recently, Def Leppard, Electric Light Orchestra, Magnum, Yes, Bob Dylan, J. Mascis, Mott The Hoople, Franz Ferdinand and Bruce Springsteen.

Plastic Headís customers include HMV, Amazon, supermarkets, wholesalers, and a comprehensive base of independent high street and online music retailers. Working closely with our customers we are able to offer a wide range of retail marketing opportunities to our exclusive client labels, maximising their visibility in the UK market. As well as the major chains, we have been dealing with indie stores since we started, and are committed to preserving these stores and supporting them wherever possible.

With at least three independent distribution partners in all European territories and a number of long term partners across the world, Plastic Head can be your one stop shop for international distribution. This allows our clients to take advantage of our long-standing international relationships and relieves them of a logistical burden, allowing them to concentrate on the creative aspects of their business. You put the record out, we can do the rest.

Plastic Head has potentially the largest export wholesale customer base of any distributor in the UK. This gives our clients access to places other distributors do not reach, providing a surprising extra revenue stream to our distributed labels. We are always on the lookout for non-exclusive product to offer to our customers, and will happily carry catalogues from labels already working with other distributors in order to maximise their worldwide sales.

Plastic Headís warehouse can also take care of all your fulfilment shipping needs. Already providing warehousing and distribution services to UK distributors Cadiz, Code 7 and Nova, as well as a number of our exclusive client labels, we are able to ship orders on their behalf to their own customers across the world Ė often consolidating such orders with our own regular shipments to save our clients time and money.


Plastic Head offers an online Business To Business website, allowing our client labels to track their monthly sales day by day, monitor their stock levels and download their monthly sales statements.

Our client labels also benefit from inclusion in the catalogue of our popular and expanding mail-order website ( alongside our own extensive merchandise range. Through this useful tool we are also able to offer exclusive direct to customer deals on their behalf, maximising new release pre-orders to get the very most out of any project.

We are currently expanding our press and promotion department to be able to offer our client labels access to our print and online media contact list, specialising in rock, metal and alternative music. Whether by retainer, or on a project by project basis, we ensure that releases are in the hands of the right people to assist raising their profile and increasing sales.

In order to offer the complete distribution service, we can also provide manufacturing services to our distributed labels. Plastic Headís manufacturing department offers a personal service to our clients, working closely with Label Management to manage a distribution project from start to finish. With years of experience in manufacturing a wide range of merchandise and music products we are able to realise the creative ideas of our clients and achieve high quality end product.

Label Management

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